Rouge Online Casino Group Still Active

Rouge Online Casino Group Still Active

While most of the top online casinos are generally trustworthy and safe to play, one group that left a trail of bad debts are still actively trading.

The notorious Grand Privé Group of online casinos hit the headlines a few years ago after corrupt business practices got them a very bad name in online gambling circles. Their most heinous crime was to do something that is considered the height of bad business practice for any online company.

They literally cut off their affiliates by shutting down the affiliate program they were running without paying the money they owed to those hard working affiliates. These affiliates attracted a huge amount of business to their casinos by sending them the all important qualified traffic that signed up to play. This netted the company many millions of dollars of which a proportion should have been paid to the affiliates for holding up their side of the deal and doing the work that generated that money. But the affiliates never saw a red cent of their hard earned reward once the program was closed. This understandably angered many in the industry, because it is the work done by highly motivated affiliates that can make or break an online company.

If ripping off the affiliates wasn’t bad enough, the Grand PrivĂ© Group then went on to rip off their zodiac casino ratings and players by switching allegiance from Microgaming, who provided the software that ran their online casinos, to a new provider without notice. This left both executives of the software firm and players in limbo. Players had no way to retrieve their money held in deposits or winnings and Microgaming was not paid for the software and equipment that was used by the casino group.

Rouge Online Casino Group Still ActiveTo make matters even worse, the company was never prosecuted for its actions. That meant there was no way for Microgaming, the affiliates or the players affected by the action to recoup their losses. In fact some affiliates were forced out of business because of their inability to operate due to the stolen funds.

While many clouds have silver linings, this particular event has nothing but more clouds on the horizon. The same casino group, which includes such well known brands as Casino GrandBay, Lake Palace and the Bella Vegas are still very much in business. They are powered by a new software platform and are run under a new persona that creates the illusion of a trusted and secure gaming experience.

A recent press release crows about a progressive jackpot hit of over $130,000 and another of over $19,000 from games hosted at the flagship Casino GrandBbay. Good luck to those winning players, but it should be remembered that the money comes from a tainted past.