Experts Say Online Gambling Fears are Unfounded

Experts Say Online Gambling Fears are Unfounded

The common belief that legalised online gambling in the USA would drive customers away from land based casinos has been refuted by gaming industry experts.

Experts Say Online Gambling Fears are UnfoundedThe Global Gaming Expo 2011, which was held at the Las Vegas Sands Expo and Convention Centre on Tuesday, brought with it some interesting discussion from some of the gaming industry’s leading experts. Bally Technologies Inc. vice president Tom Doyle was joined on a panel discussion by Jordan Gaming Consulting Group’s Jeff Jordan and eGaming Partners Inc.’s Vahe Baloulian to talk about ways to drive more business to brick and mortar casinos, one of which included online gaming.

Doyle said that casinos would be ready for the legalisation of Internet gambling in the United States and that it would form a part of the user experience. While the general fear was that players would only want to gamble at home as technology advances and legalisation is a distinct possibility, Doyle added that there are always going to be people who prefer the more exciting live experience that a real brick and mortar casino can give them.

Baloulian noted that it was just a matter of retaining as well as bringing new clientele to casinos via online gaming. He said that many novice gamblers start by playing online for free because they haven’t gained the confidence to move up to a live spinpalace casino and risk real money. They learn online for free and that trickles down to playing live games. He added that it is something that is seen all the time in Europe. New players use free play to learn the games. Once they have gained their confidence, they progress onto the real casinos.

It is also a sound business model to reward the players for the amount of time they spend of their websites. According to Doyle, many of the free play websites were all about building up their brand recognition. A website that has been designed to mimic a real casino enables a business to work with the customer base it has built up. It can provide them with the opportunity to play for seats at casino based poker tournaments or gain a higher players’ club status that they can take to a live casino and get better comps.

Gambling in Navada casinos has already moved beyond the confines of the casino walls. A change in the gaming commission rules now allows punters to gamble in hotel rooms using mobile devices such as iPads or smart phones to play slots or most table games. While this technology means the user can customise their playing experience, it also means the casinos can learn more of what the customer wants and then provide it on the casino floor.