Can Online Gambling Be Policed? Nevada Says, “Yes It Can!”

Can Online Gambling Be Policed? Nevada Says, “Yes It Can!”

Now that Nevada is gearing up for legal intrastate online gambling, they are already attracting questions over the ability to police the industry.

Nevada’s imminent plans to issue online gambling licenses to operators will see the State and its handling of the industry become the benchmark for others to follow. It’s only natural that concerned groups ask as many seeking questions as they can. Many still fear that if it were made legal at Federal level, online gambling would spiral right out of control.

To allay any fears and confidently assure those concerned that the industry could indeed be effectively policed should Congress make online gambling legal nationally, the chairman of Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, Mark Lipparelli was put under the spotlight.

Lipparelli testified in front of a keenly critical House Commerce Subcommittee currently undertaking a study into online gambling. This study will consider the legalisation of internet poker along with the potential to open the doors to several related forms of Internet gambling. He reassured the gathering of lawmakers and concerned parties that policing a properly regulated industry would be far more effective than trying to fight the current situation. He pointed out that while it would always be possible for a person with sufficient skill and knowledge to cheat any system, getting away with it would not be so easy and any attempt to do so would be uncovered very quickly. This would apply to the identification of underage players and known gambling addicts attempting to use the system, being alert for the presence of software infiltrators such as bots or hackers and other illegal activities such as money laundering.

Can Online Gambling Be Policed? Nevada Says, "Yes It Can!"Current software that runs online gambling systems already has built-in controls and tools to analyse and detect unusual or erratic gambling patterns that would point to misuse of the system. Each user has their own unique online fingerprint created for them even before they can spend their first cent. This makes players highly visible and traceable when making monetary deposits and withdrawals, with validation software to confirm any online action leaving a clear electronic trail that can be followed if needs be.

Online gambling has been legal and regulated in the world’s current biggest market, the UK since 2005 and there has been no evidence of any untoward illegal activity in all that time. All regulated operators conform to the law and their citizens who choose to play online are protected by law. Much can be learned from studying how the UK industry works to produce many benefits to all concerned.